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New Business Start-up TIPS:

Starting up in Business

Highlight your end goals and structure how you want to accomplish them. Build a business plan.

Getting a Decent Start

Having the correct systems, controls and procedures in place can help new business start-ups remain in control of your business plan and manage the business' cash-flow effectively.

Help Secure Investment

To boost market value or convince stakeholders of the potential future performance you need to have a framework that measures the value of your employees.


Networking is vital to business relationship building. From the onset start thinking about what networking activities you will perform.


Marketing is important for any business. Spend time researching what marketing strategies you want to implement for your business and try to save money where possible. Shop around.

Make Good First Impressions

Research has showed that most customers prefer to be greeted by their full name. Note though that not all people feel this way but a professional approach is essential.

Boost Sales in a Downturn

Take advantage of any downturn in the market by going back to basics and boost your performance whilst your competitors remain in a struggle.

Learn from Complaints

Every company will receive a complaint at some point and handling them correctly can prove valuable, but only if you structure how to deal with them in the first place. Companies that have planned how to handle them and succeed at this can gain customers and also retain staff.

Road-Test Your Business

With the majority of new business ventures failing, it's not surprising many would-be entrepreneurs are put off starting up. The trick is to be prepared to ask some tough questions while retaining the confidence to go for it.

Debt Chasing

£30,000 is the average amount owed by customers to small businesses. This figure would cause 3 out of 10 businesses to fail if this occurred. Think about the steps you will take in order to keep your debtors list to a minimum

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Starting Up In Business?

Many people share the idea of working for themselves and starting up a business, others may have been made redundant and coupled with free time and financial resources decide to go it alone, be more independent and create their own business empire and reap the rewards for all their efforts.

Whatever the reason, starting up a business is not as simple as deciding on a name, designing a corporate logo and then selling the products or services for your niche. Dangers exist which many people fail to highlight and this could end up with your business idea failing. To be successful a working business plan needs to be in place.To find out more about where to start and what you need to be thinking about before your new business starts trading, view our Services page.

Need help with an existing business?

Have you already been through the stages of starting your business and is your business plan working for you as it was initially outlined at the beginning?

Many people start up in business without the knowledge and experience of how a successful business needs to be structured. We understand this, you have to start somewhere, so we have provided some professional advice which we believe you will find invaluable to helping your business grow and succeed further in-line with your original expectations.

Read our Services page to find out more information and/or get some professional advice on maintaining a successful business approach to managing your business. We also offer accountancy advice that you can find out about by just simply requesting more info from us.


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